Crank Brothers Y-16 Multitool

The Crank Brothers Y-16 Multitool features a unique design allowing you to get more leverage on hard to shift bolts. The magnetic center piece holds all the tools in a compact shape which is easy to slip in your hydration pack or jersey pocket.


Take workshop quality tools with you out on the trail

The Y-16 Multitool features a compartment containing 6 bits which can be used with the driver on one of the Y tools. In addition there is a CO2 inflator and a chain breaker. The chain breaker is used by inserting the 8mm in the bottom of the chain breaker and the second Y tool is then used as the handle to unwind the pin. You get great leverage and grip making chain repairs on the trail a little less frustrating.

Tools included

Y Tools – 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm Hex Wrenches and bit driver

CO2 inflator – threaded cartridge compatible

Chain breaker – compatible with 8/9/10 and 11 speed chains

Bit compartment: 2mm, 2.5mm, 1-phillips screwdriver head, 1-flat head screwdriver head, T-10 and T-25 torx keys.

Top Features of the Crank Brothers Y-16 Multitool

Compact design
16 tools
Lifetie warranty