Fulcrum Racing 5 Disk Brake Wheelset

Fulcrum's Racing 5 wheelset has been redesigned in to include a disc brake option, making them ideal for winter training, commuting or even cyclocross. With the superior stopping power of disc brakes and a new, wider rim, comfort is guaranteed.

Fulcrum's AFS (Axial Fixing System) technology allows the rotor to be fitted to the hub, ensuring greater structural rigidity and precise, more powerful braking.

The rear wheel incorporates a new single-piece body which embodies the freewheel body and pawl carrier in a single component resulting in a considerable weight reduction.


  • Durable wheel, ideal for winter training
  • Aluminium rims with stainless steel spokes
  • Bolt through hubs with AFS (centrelock) or 6 bolt compatibility
  • Spoke count: 21 (front), 21 (rear)
  • Weight: 1715g


Substance and Innovation are the main characteristics of these road bike wheels!
Racing 5 DB is a prestigious new actor on the stage of the disc brake wheels, which offers refined distinctive solutions. Balanced thanks to its asymmetry, reliable and highly performing due to its oversize flanges: the decisive answer to the advanced innovation.

The rim
Asymmetric aluminum road bike rims. ETRTO 17C cross section, 24.5 mm outside width. Asymmetric rim for tension, balancing forces from brakes and/or sprocket cassette.

Disc brake hubs
Disc brake hub with oversize aluminum flange and Two-to-One technology to transmit all the power to the ground.

Spokes and nipples
Rounded spokes in steel and aluminum nipples.

Fulcrum 2:1 - Two-to-One

When you push on the pedals, the rotational force on the sprocket induces a slackening of the freewheel spokes with a consequent loss of rim tension. This results in undesirable flex of the whole wheel and an unavoidable loss of energy. Fulcrum has solved this classic cycling problem with its 2:1 Two-to-One Spoke Ratio patent, by doubling the spokes in the critical zones.

Fulcrum 2:1 - Two-to-One Spoke Ratio - Disc Brake

A system that is as simple as it is effective, the result of the ingenuity of Fulcrum engineers and attentive observation of the results of the tests performed on the wheels on a daily basis.
These tests made it possible to understand that the forces that act on the sides of the wheels, and therefore on the spokes, are extremely different; but what’s more, the differences between the front and rear wheels are also evident and significant. The front wheel, in fact, has to remain stable even during braking of the disk on the left side, and the rear wheel, in addition to the disc brake, has to compensate for the traction of the force on the chain side.

F.I.C. Fulcrum Identification Card - 100% HANDMADE QUALITY

Right from its inception Fulcrum has been marked by feature that continues to this day: that is to design, prototype and industrialise all the wheels characterised by the red “F”. Indeed these take shape inside of the R&D, the leading-edge department that represents the beating heart of the Italian company.
Every single component of the wheel, the materials chosen and the technologies applied are the tangible result of the effort that Fulcrum makes every day to give you maximum performance and reliability.

AFS axle system:

The Axial Fixing System is the solution developed by Fulcrum to fix the disc brake to the hub. The constraint granted by the butt area of the release mechanism, greater than in familiar standard ones, makes it possible to obtain greater structural rigidity and therefore more precise and powerful braking. The availability of the International Standard option ensures full compatibility of Fulcrum wheels even with the most widespread braking systems that use this assembly plan.