Reynolds Attack Clincher Wheelset



The Game Has Changed
The lightest and shallowest wheel in the Performance line, it is designed to do exactly as it’s name implies, attack, especially when the road points skyward. The ATTACK offers a tubeless-ready 25mm cross section to support the trend toward wider tires, ensuring a better tire profile and a more supple ride. Weighing in at a scant 1,365g, this precision carbon wheel set is more than light; it’s stiff, responsive and an absolute joy to ride.

Other than the new tubeless ready shelf-and-lip design, the Attack returns in 2017 as the same quality wheel that comes in at nearly half the price of competitor’s similar carbon models — all while still knocking 400 grams off of the weight of 30 millimeter aluminum clinchers. Its low weight means less rotational mass fighting you on each pedal stroke during climbs or accelerating out of turns, so they go up and spin up fast. They also have a wide rim, which Reynolds calls “modern” but we call less rolling resistance, better cornering, and a more comfortable ride.

The CTg brake track is also a bright spot as it addresses one of the ongoing drawbacks of carbon rims. CTg is a laminate Reynolds developed that can withstand around 100 more degrees Fahrenheit than typical carbon braking surfaces, all but eliminating the risk of the rim deforming or failing under long, hard brake use. The Attacks also included Reynolds’ proprietary Cryo-Blue Power brake pads, which work with the CTg laminate to produce more consistent (read: safer) braking. Safety is also improved through Reynolds’ PR3 construction method, which uses different carbon fiber, epoxy, and resin for each of five rim regions.

  • Carbon construction
  • Tubeless-ready clincher wheelset
  • 25mm rim width; 29mm rim depth
  • DT Swiss AeroComp spokes
  • CTg brake track laminate
  • Cryo-Blue Power pads included


Rim and Disk Models Available



Available in Clincher only.