Apis Cycling Caps

It's OK to nerd out about cycling caps. Like all the best bike things, they're at once frivolous and useful, classic and modern, ridiculous and sublime. Even better, APIS served up the Vintage Cycling Cap in 27 versions, so you can rep everything from gelato to cars to sparkling water to boutique components.

Thanks to its 50 years of experience in the packaging of the cap professional cycling and sports accessory, APIS itself asleading presence in the Italian and international market with a reputation for reliability and a universally recognized in the industry.

Encouraged by these results, for 10 years has opened a division dedicated to the Promotional, Workwear and Fashion,assisted by a team dedicated to the packaging and customization inside and an import service guaranteed by a careful selection of the best suppliers. 

Counseling gentle but precise of our staff will accompany you in the choice of clothing suited to your needs professional, personal, in the choice of functional accessories and elegant curio and personalized gifts, not neglecting however the speechgraphic designer.