Crank Brothers – Speedier Lever

Crank Brothers Speedier Lever gets your tyres off without knuckle damage and puts them back on without pinching.

We all love things that make our life a bit easier and this tyre lever from Crank Brothers sets out to do just that, albeit for a tiny, tiny proportion of your life.

The aptly named Speedier Lever replaces Crank Brothers' old telescopic Speed Lever and enables you to remove and replace your tyre more swiftly.

Constructed using a tough nylon composite material which is rigid enough to prize off all but the tightest of wire bead tyres, the Speedier Lever resembles a knuckle duster and you hold it like one. But instead of it being designed to cause damage, the extra plastic is there to help save your knuckles from getting grated in the spokes when the lever gets moving along the beading as you chase the lever around the rim, prizing the tyre off as it moves round.