Elite L’Eroica Vintage Bottle and Cage Set

Stirring up the emotions of cycling’s most beautiful era is the L’Eroica Vintage cage and bottle set from Elite of Italy.  Hand crafted to an incredible finish to be a genuine addition to any classic bicycle of the classic past.
Classic Design: the handlebar-mounted aluminum bottlecage has the same classical shape as those historic ones.
Finish: the bottlecage is made in opaque, satin-finished aluminum where the EROICA logo is carved, for an instantly recognizable product.
Firm grip on the bottle: the bottlecage features a lever-closing system that holds the bottle steadily even on those dirt roads where many classic cycling competitions are still being held. It can also be adjusted based on the bottle diameter, so you can use bottles that range from 70 to 78mm in diameter.
Easy to use: it’s preassembled, needs no specific tools and includes all the screws you need to install it on the bicycle.
Available in the single (one bottle) or double (two bottles) versions