Ergon GP5 Touring Grips/Bar End Combo

Ergon is bringing back bar ends!! They’ve been sneaking in shorter versions for a while now, but this one flies in the face of the abandonment of the cottage industry of the late 90’s and the death of Onza. The Ergon GP5 grip is an extension of their popular GC2 model. The grip body remains the same, but the bar end has become significantly longer to accommodate multiple hand positions. The 100mm main section of the bar end is canted in towards the bike centerline at 15 degrees and the 60mm hook section turns in again at 40 degrees. There is room enough to grip the bar end with the whole palm in both sections. With all of this space on the grip and bar end, and the ability to change positions to relieve the pressures of riding, this could be the ultimate grip for 100 milers. On wide open sections of dirt road or doubletrack, it is even possible to use them like aero bars to attain optimal position for speed. The bar end is crafted from GFK, a com[posite developed in Germany, made primarily of nylon and reinforced with fiberglass. Its shape is ergonomically optimized by a Swedish ergonomic hand tool designer in conjunction with the obsessive folks at Ergon — as a result they’re supremely comfortable. They’ve included inmolded rubberized sections on the bar ends to minimize accidental hand slippage, a thing we appreciate in humid summer weather. Like all Ergon grips of this sort, the bar end acts as the clamp and the angle can be adjusted relative to the grip body to accommodate any rider preference.Choose between Small or Large diameters, and SRAM twistshift or standard widths. 201g.