Fizik Versus X Saddles



There has been a full Versus range of saddles from fi’zi:k for more than five years that incorporates a channel down the center of the padding for pressure relief, but due to their overall thin construction and the type of foam used the depth of the groove was pretty minimal. Fizik received feedback over the years asking to reduce pressure even more, so they figured out a way to provide a deeper longitudinal channel without the standard practice of removing shell material, which often allows too much flex and ultimately leads to a saddle that doesn’t last as long. The new Versus X range steps it up with a 20mm deep depression through a re-engineered padding formula to keep the high performance with and added degree of comfort. Check out the first three Versus X saddles after the jump…

Arione VSX

The Fizik Versus X saddles are intended for true performance riding, and therefore retaining their standard shape, power transfer, and durability were key. Fizik didn’t want to risk creating a squishy saddle, just to get a deep groove down the center. The Versus X saddles all use a carbon-reinforced nylon shell topped with a new padding. Combined, they deliver saddles as stiff as their conventional models, just with the comfort benefits of a deep channel.

Antares VSX

The new Versus X (VSX) tech is available in the Arione, Antares, and Aliante lineups, keeping with Fizik’s snakes, chameleon, and bull rider flexibility ‘spine concept’ scale. Each versus X saddle then comes in either metal K:ium rails or Fizik’s light and stiff braided carbon rails. And with weights starting at just 200g, there isn’t a big penalty for the extra comfort.

Aliante VSX

The snakes’ straight and narrow Arione saddle gets the VSX treatment in the 215g carbon railed version and a 255g k:ium version for $170/150€. For the chameleon there is the Antares VSX, which weighs just 200g with carbon rails and 240g with k:ium rails. The Aliante VSX with its dual flex shell for bulls claims weight of 229g and 270g, respectively .

The versions with the braided 7x9mm carbon rails each sell for $220/200€, while the proprietary k:ium metal-railed saddles go for $170/150€. All of the new Versus X saddles are available now from Fizik now, and can be found in their web shop or at your friendly local retailer.