Focus Bikes

All FOCUS products are born out of a passion motivated by the love of the sport. Everyone involved in the creation of the Focus range is inspired by the pursuit of the finest in cycling technology.

In order to meet the performance criteria that let top-flight cyclists reach the top of their game, FOCUS is intent on embracing and developing cutting-edge innovation to empower our riders.

Our quest for perfection in FOCUS products is embodied in the phrase ‘German Engineered Experience’. Every member of the FOCUS development staff strives towards the exacting standards behind this philosophy.

Passion. Performance. Perfection. At the core of everything we do.


Passion, performance and perfection combine in the Focus philosophy of German Engineered. German excellence in the engineering sphere is an international guarantee of quality.

The pinnacle of design and technology is reached through constant development in top-flight competition.

German Engineered allows this to be accessed by all riders who demand the best.