Designed to win, the new Leo Blade Carbon improves the experience associated with the use of blade technology in a clipless pedal. This new version is the result of experience gained during years of development in the heart of our manufacturing facility and to continual improvements made thanks to daily input from the greatest of champions.

Lightweight, aerodynamic, powerful, the new KEO BLADE CARBON has all the assets to allow you to improve and optimize your performance until victory is yours. It is for these reasons that KEO BLADE CARBON is the unanimous choice of many champions who have made it a weapon of choice in the conquest of their greatest achievements.

The KEO BLADE CARBON has the best weight / power ratio in its class.

Its new design completely integrates the blade for unrivaled aerodynamics. Equipped with a carbon body and blade, the Blade Carbon is available in a Ti version (titanium spindle) that weighs a mere 95g per pedal, or in a CrMo version (chromoly spindle) for a weight of 110g per pedal. It is available in three



The curved carbon blade provides the force that holds the cleat in place. The pedals come set up with 12Nm blades (there’s no tension adjustment on the pedals) but you get 16Nm blades – ones that require more force to disengage – in the box. Pedals with 20Nm blades are available too.

Swapping blades is a straightforward job with a Torx 8 driver, a screwdriver, a torque wrench and a special little tool that comes as part of the package. Look has a YouTube video(link is external) that shows you how to do it.


The pedal platform is 67mm wide (Shimano Dura-Ace, for comparison, is just a millimetre narrower) and has a surface area of 700mm2 meaning that the pressure is distributed over a large area and you can get plenty of support.