Met Kaos UL

Rugged all-mountain performance and styling for the adventurous rider that strays from the beaten track with UltimaLite Composite material technology for unrivalled lightness and strength.


Met Kaos UL


UltimaLite Composite Fibre

At 250 grams, the Kaos is easily the lightest free ride helmet in the world. This extraordinary result was obtained by merging the Met NOVA3 design process with the UlitmaLite Fibre composite. These latest technical innovations were fine tuned by MET and especially developed to save weight for maximum performance and comfort.


Safe-T Smart Closure

A micrometric retention system featuring both horizontal and vertical adjustment to distribute pressure on a broader surface to increase performance and comfort.


Gel 02 Front Padding

The world’s first use of hypo allergenic and thermo-stabilising gel padding in a cycle helmet, providing totally incomparable fit and comfort. Replacing traditional fabric pads with gel keeps the head cool thanks to the natural capacity of gel to stay cool and dispel sweat when in contact. Security and fit is also improved as gel adjusts to the form of your head.


Removable Ventilated Visor

Protects the face and channels air towards the interior of the helmet for ultimate ventilation.


Adjustable Kevlar Straps

An ultra light, strong and durable material that guarantees safety, comfort and breathability.


Size M 54-57 cm


Size L 58-61 cm