Rudy Project Fotonyk

About Rudy Project Fotonyk 

Rudy Project Fotonyk takes a fresh approach to customizing your Rudy Project sunglasses

Rudy Project Fotonyk gives riders the choice of how their sunglasses look, feel and perform.

Built with a similar shape to the Rudy Project Tralyx, the Fotonyk boasts changeable bumpers along the bottom edge of the lens to both enhance protection and provide a different aesthetic. These bumpers weigh less than two grams but add a more robust look and feel to the Fotonyk frame that many riders will appreciate.

Bumpers that feature in the Rudy Project Fotonyk sunglasses are interchangeable and available in a range of colours - this edition sports white bumpers to complement the crystal graphite frame.

An adjustable nosepiece and quick change lenses mean Fotonyk changes to your needs; the vents inserted into the frame arms also enhance comfort by aiding airflow around the temple region of the your head.



Dimensions: 54mm (W) x 35mm (H)

Weight (with bumpers): 27.5g (without bumpers): 25.3g


More About The Manufacturer Rudy Project

Dedication, hard work, concentration and passion. Cycling is pure sacrifice, and every athlete is competing not only against the lows in condition and tension, but also against those due to long days in the saddle and difficult weather conditions. This is why Rudy Project has created a series of cycling glasses that best meet the needs of those who have to face stamina-sapping races and gruelling workouts in the mountains. Rudy Project has been collaborating for over 25 years with professional cyclists such as Ivan Basso and Vincenzo Nibali. They listen to their needs and pick up on their requirements.