Rudy Project Stratofly Photochromic Glasses

Rudy Project's Stratofly eyewear are available with a range of lens options and frame colours. If your budget is tight, the base model with black frame and smoke lens comes in cheaper than the fluoro/Photoclear version we tested, but we think the Photoclear lens is the best option.

The Photoclear is photochromic, adapting to light conditions – darker when it’s bright, turning clear in dimmer conditions. The minimal frames are very highly sprung so they grip your head tenaciously, rubberised-antibacterial arm tips ensuring the grip is maintained even when wet.

Rudy use the same Ergo IV adjustable nosepiece as they do on their range-topping eyewear, and this highly malleable design means getting the perfect fit is easy. The nosepiece is screwed into place, which makes the Stratofly compatible with Rudy’s own SX prescription inserts.


We had no issues with fogging when riding and the lens clarity is as good as we’ve seen at the price.

At just 26g the Stratofly glasses are so light you’ll barely notice them when riding, especially combined with the clarity of the lens. The fluoro finish looks great too, though we did notice it more than a muted frame colour when riding, thankfully never to the point of distraction.

Although the Stratofly comes with a single lens, there are seven additional colour options available

As ever, the details make the difference and the optimal fit on the face is the hallmark of each Rudy Project product: the Stratofly has no-slip, soft rubber terminal tips and the latest generation Ergo IV adjustable nosepiece, for a perfect fit and to facilitate air turnover. No risk of fogging, therefore, nor of losing the glasses when competing because of an accidental impact.

From the optical viewpoint, Stratofly offers two alternatives, both lessening glare, giving better contrast and a distortion-free view, and protecting against UV rays and external agents. You can choose from the wide range of Rp Optics static lenses, interchangeable depending on the weather and light conditions with the  Quick Changesystem or the new, multi-purpose, practical Photoclear with photochromic surface coating, to face all weather conditions with just one lens.

Stratofly also caters for those who have visual impairments, thanks to the possibility of adding the Clip-on corrective optical insert. A practical solution that lets you “update” the visual correction at a future date without changing your glasses completely


Stratofly is a sports eyewear that combines many of the functional features of the best-loved models with a simple, essential design, available in eight attractive color versions.
Stratofly has no-slip, soft rubber terminal tips and the latest generation Ergo IV adjustable nosepiece, for a perfect fit and to facilitate air turnover.
Adjustable nose pieces are outstandingly comfortable and offer an exceptional fit for any shape of face. This system can also be used to adjust the glasses’ height and their distance from the face to prevent misting.
Thanks not least to their ergonomic temple terminals with anti-slip rubber inserts, these glasses stay put, ensure a perfect fit, maximum comfort and exceptional grip under any conditions.
Rudy Project uses Grilamid®, a shock-resistant, hypoallergenic, high-quality, light thermoplastic for its stability, flexibility and durability.
A superior optics solution for weather management.
The registered Quick ChangeTM interchangeable lenses system makes it easy and quick to switch lenses to suit any light conditions.

Rudy Project is a leading name in research and development in fully advanced helmets and sunglasses for complete fall protections.
We are committed to providing superior safety through integrated hinges and soft, thermoplastic elastomers, which prevent injuries in the event of falls, impact and collisions.
No more misting. Totally clear vision. Special air channels on the inside of each temple reduce thermal shock to ensure perfect vision.
The extreme lightness of our products is the result of a combination of advanced design technology and revolutionary, exclusive materials.