Schwalbe Dirty Dan Addix

The mud specialist.

For deep and soft terrain. Aggressive open tread. Excellent braking traction and extremely good self-cleaning characteristics thanks to the large stud gaps. Downhill version: ADDIX Ultra soft (purple). Especially robust, double carcass design with Downhill Apex, clincher tires. Super Gravity version: ADDIX Ultra soft (purple). Puncture-proof (with Apex) with extreme lateral stability for a dynamic ride.




The Schwalbe Dirty Dan Addix MTB Tyre is the ideal choice when the ground is muddy and unpredictable. The tall tread blocks combined with the ADDIX Ultra SoftCompound bite into soft and loose terrain and provide exceptional grip at high speeds and when braking into off camber, sloppy, muddy corners.

Self Cleaning Tread

The large gaps between the tread provides the necessary self cleaning and braking traction to keep the tyre performing to the highest level for the entire time its ridden in challenging conditions. The aggressive open tread profile this tyre uses provides unmatched traction and control required when travelling full speed down the side of the mountain when the weather has made the Trail treacherous.

Here is a comparison between the ADDIX compounds that shows how they improve performance in relation to the VertStar, TrailStar and PaceStar Compounds.


  • Compound: ADDIX Ultra Soft
  • Construction: TubelessEasy
  • Execution: SuperGravity
  • Size: 1.60 – 3.50 Bar (23 – 50 psi)
  • Sidewall Protection: SnakeSkin
  • EPI: 67
  • Ideal Terrain: Soft, mixed
  • Bead Type: Folding
  • Tyre Pressure: 1.60 – 3.50 Bar (23 – 50 psi)
  • Weight: 1.75kg


  • ADDIX Ultra SoftThis compound with its maximum damping is perfect for hardcore use in Enduro and Downhill. Seriously improved low-temperature properties in terms of grip and damping, compared to the previous VertStar compound, make it eminently suitable for year-round use.
  • Super Gravity: The Super Gravity carcass construction comprises of a Quadruple Ply carcass what makes the tyre sidewall stable and safe. The tread remains extremely flexible and grippy with two carcass plies. It also has all around SnakeSkin protection for excellent resistance against cuts and slices.
  • TubelessEasy: The Monofile SnakeSkin fabric on the sidewall makes the tubeless conversion for the MTB extremely easy and safe. It also provides the best-cut protection on the sidewall.
  • Tubeless Technology: Friction between the tyre and tube is now a thing of the past. This crucially reduces the rolling resistance. It is even smaller than with super light competition tyres. With tubeless, you can ride with less air pressure without restrictions to performance! This brings noticeable advantages in comfort, but also significantly more control in critical situations and on poor routes. Tubeless systems provide very high puncture protection. Sudden air loss due to bursting tubes or valves tearing is ruled out. At the same time, a puncture protection fluid seals incisions within a tenth of a second, during the ride.