Schwalbe Durano Plus

The first thing you probably want to know about a training tyre is what its puncture protection is like. Included is Schwalbe’s premium level protection: RaceGuard, a synthesis of rubber and nylon moulded into the standard rubber. Schwalbe say this adds very little to weight and rolling resistance.

At 235g you can’t dispute the first point and I found the tyre to zip along nicely; still remaining supple unlike some heavily reinforced tyres.

Puncture protection is hard to test but just riding, but I rode these tyres for a few thousand kilometres and didn’t suffer any punctures. Luck plays its part, and perhaps Schwalbe went around sweeping the roads of Bath before the review but as tests go, it is a glowing result.

Dual compound rubber is normally found only on race tyres but it allows for a better combination of rolling resistance and grip. For grip, you want sticky rubber, but grippy rubber doesn’t roll as well, and wears out quickly.

A dual compound aims to give the best of all worlds, by combining grippy rubber at the sides for cornering with a faster rolling compound in the centre. With lightly treaded sidewalls, the resulting tyre handles well in the wet (plenty of opportunity for that in the last month!) but isn’t a labour to keep moving.

In fact, handling on this tyre is a strong point. It feels more like a premium race tyre than other training rubber I have used. The bite is good and I could confidently throw the bike into corners – even in the wet – without the backend fish-tailing about.


Level 6 | SmartGuard
Most effective protection belt available for bicycle tires. A substantial, 5 mm thick layer of flexible, special india rubber offers durable protection. Works also for objects that lodge in the tread. Even a thumbtack won’t harm it.

Level 5 | V-Guard
An extremely cut-resistant hightech fiber makes it possible to ensure even on very light tires an extraordinary high level of puncture resistance. In combination with SnakeSkin sidewall protection, we call it Double Defense Technology

Level 5 | PunctureGuard
The same safety, but affordable PunctureGuard is not as highly elastic.

Level 5 | GreenGuard
Same principle as the SmartGuard, but only about 3 mm thick. One-third of the highly elastic India rubber is made up of recycled latex products.

Level 4 | RaceGuard
Double layer of Nylon fabric. Good protection for light, sporty tires.

Level 3 | K-Guard
Our minimum standard for protection belts. This Guard has been proven for many years. It consists of natural rubber and is reinforced with KEVLAR® fibres. Together with the 50 EPI carcass all Active Line tires are well protected against punctures. KEVLAR® is a trademark of DuPont.







Available from PRV in the following sizes. (Folding and wired)


700x23c , 700x25c, 700x28c