Please complete the form below to register a Tern bicycle for a warranty claim.

All correspondence regarding the processing of a warranty claim will be directed through the dealer from whom the cycle was purchased or the cycle dealership that the client has chosen to take the bike to for service.


In order to submit this claim, please insure you have done the following:

  • Uploaded a photo of the entire cycle fully assembled.

  1. A photo of the serial number on the frame.

  2. As many photos as possible showing clearly the issue to be addressed.

  3. Proof of Purchase.

    NOTE: This form allows multiple image upload including zip files.

  • Please ensure that the photos you have provided high quality (at LEAST 600px on the shortest edge) and that they clearly demonstrate the issue you wish to be submitted for warranty.


For any assistance with completing this form please call us on (09) 8203512